History 131 – Iran since the Revolution: A History through Film

The Iranian Revolution in 1979 was a major turning point in Middle East and world history. The revolution was followed by the bitter Iran-Iraq war, displacement and social, intellectual and political changes upheaval. This course will review some of the major themes which are important in post-revolutionary Iran. They include: I) War & Revolution; II) Women; III) Children and Poverty; IV) Social tensions; V) Political Participation; and VI) Religion and Modernity. Each week we will preview a film related to one of these topics which will be followed by a discussion in relation to the history of modern Iran.

Evaluation:Each week you are to write a one page synopsis of the film and how it relates to Iranian history. You are to hand in your one page essay at the beginning of the following week. No late essays are accepted and you simply will loose 5% of your grade. For you final (60% of your grade) you are to choose of the topics from the above and write an essay using both visual and textual evidence.

  1. H. Dabashi, Close Up, Iranian Cinema: Past, Present and Future, Verso, 2001.
  2. Keddie, Modern Iran: Roots and Results of Revolution, Yale, 2006.
  3. Egan, The Films of Makhmalbaf, Cinema, Politics & Culture in Iran, Mage, 2005.
  4. Dabashi, Iran: A People Interrupted, New Press, 2007.

Week 1: Iranian History and Iranian Cinema

Week 2: The Iranian Intellectuals and Modernity (Hamoon 1990)

Week 3: Children and Poverty (Children of Heaven 1998)

Week 4: Gender, Love and Immigration (Baran 1999)

Week 5: Religion and Modernity in Iran (Under the Moonlight 2001)

Week 6: War (Marriage of the Blessed 2001)

Week 7: Voting and Participation (Secret Ballot 2002)

Week 8: Women and Society (Ten 2004)

Week 9: Religion and Society (Marmulak 2006)

Week 10: Women’s Participation (Offside 2007)

Final: Jun 12, 4:00-6:00pm

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