King Sapor I The Sasanian World: Seminars & Events, Oxford

King Sapor I

The Sasanian World: Seminars & Events

Shapur I capturing the Roman
emperor Valerian, from a
relief at Naqsh-i-Rustam

Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity Colloquium
‘Economy and Society in Late Sasanian and Early Islamic Iraq’

Saturday 14 May, 9.30am–6pm
in the Danson Room, Trinity College.

Speakers: Michele Campopiano (Utrecht), Touraj Daryaee (UCLA), Michael Morony (UCLA), Richard Payne (Mount Holyoke and Trinity College, Cambridge), Parvaneh Pourshariati (Ohio State), Michael Bonner (Oxford), Khodadad Rezakhani (LSE), Fanny Bessard (EPHE-Sorbonne, Paris), and Berenike Walburg (St Andrews)

Convener Hugh Kennedy (SOAS). The colloquium is free, but registration is necessary

Poster with full details

After Rome: Aspects of the History and
Archaeology of the 5th to 7th Centuries

Thursdays at 5pm in the Sutro Room, Trinity College

5 May (1st Week)
Khodadad Rezakhani (LSE):
Agriculture, commerce, and growth: the Sasanian economy in the late antique world, 500–700

12 May (2nd Week)
Marek Jankowiak (Oriental Institute, Oxford):
All Christians under my authority should hold the faith of Armenia: Khusro II and the Churches

19 May (3rd Week
Peter Talloen (University of Kent):
The Christianization of Pisidia

26 May (4th Week)
Renan Baker (Classics, Oxford):
Written in stone: Theoderic Augustus and imperial propaganda in Ostrogothic Italy

2 June (5th Week)
Shane Bjornlie (Claremont McKenna College, California):
The last of the Romans: Cassiodorus between Rome, Ravenna and Constantinople

9 June (6th Week)
Konstantin Klein (Classics, Oxford):
In search of Lot’s wife: old and new saints for Jerusalem

16 June (7th Week)
Nicolai Sinai (Oriental Institute, Oxford):
Towards a contextual reading of the Qur’anic corpus: promises, problems, and pitfalls

23 June (8th Week)
Arezou Azad (Oriental Institute, Oxford):
Bactra: From Buddhism to Islam

Conveners: James Howard-Johnston, Bryan Ward-Perkins