The Sāsānian World View (Irānshahr): Transformation of Iranian Lore to History and Epic

Lecture by Touraj Daryaee, Howard C. Baskerville Professor in the History of Iran and the Persianate World

Time: Monday March 7, 3-5 PM
Place: UCLA, Humanities 389

Touraj Daryaee is Howard C. Baskerville Professor in the History of Iran and the Persianate World and the Associate Director of the Dr. Samuel M. Jordan Center for Persian Study & Culture at the University of California, Irvine. Professor Daryaee has numerous publications, his books include:

  • Edited volume of the Oxford History of Iran (forthcoming 2011).
  • Iranian Kingship, the Arab Conquest and Zoroastrian Apocalypse: The History of Fārs and Beyond in Late Antiquity (600-900 CE). These were his Government Fellowship Lectures at the K.R. Cama Oriental Institute in Mumbai in 2010 (forthcoming 2011).
  • Scholars & Humanists: Iranian Studies in Henning and Taqizadeh Correspondence 1937-1966 (2009) with Iraj Afshar.
  • Sasanian Iran: Portrait of a Late Antique Empire (2009).
  • Bibliographica Sasanika: A Bibliographical Guide to Sasanian Iran. Volume I; Years 1990-1999 (2008).
  • Festschrift for Erich Kettenhofen, Iranistik, (2006-2007).
  • The Spirit of Wisdom: Essays in Memory of Ahmad Tafazzoli (2004).
  • Shahrestaniha-I Iranshahr: A Middle Persian Text of Late Antique Geography, Epic and History (2002).

Profesor Daryaee is also the editor of the International Journal of Ancient Iranian Studies (Iran University Press), and in charge of Sasanika: Late Antique Near East Project ( at UC Irvine.

Professor Daryaee’s recent book, Sasanian Persia: The Rise and Fall of An Empire, IB Tauris, London, 2010 was awarded the prize for the British Society for Middle East Studies in 2010, and the following was one of the statements made about the prize:

“Declaring the book “a masterpiece” the judges of the prize commented that it is “a very fine book indeed” and “offers a timely counterpart to Eurocentricity which has distorted the study of antiquity . . . [in] an extremely erudite book . . . the author wears his learning lightly, showing an enviable ability to distinguish the wood from the trees and write in a reader friendly manner.”

This highly coveted and academically important prize is awarded every year for the best scholarly work in English on the Middle East, which has been published first in the UK. Books are judged on their originality, clarity, accessibility and their importance to the field.

UCLA Iranian Studies recognizes Professor Daryaee’s achievements and congratulates him for the British Society award.